Buying a home during a pandemic


I had the pleasure of working with clients relocating to New Orleans from Florida.

After looking at a few places we settled on a Multi-Family home in Jefferson. My clients are beyond thrilled and happy they took the advantage of purchasing a home with locked-in low-interest rates.

You can read about how we took extra precautions to ensure everyone stayed healthy.

What safety precautions did you and your Realtor do to stay healthy? (Safety Masks, 6 feet apart, virtual showings) ~ I am not one to wear a mask. However, due to safety concerns, I started out wearing a mask. Summer months with no AC can get too stuffy inside. As soon as I got more comfortable we would stand 7+ feet apart without a mask. I always told everyone if they were comfortable with myself and others not wearing it, I was too. Was the process any different than the process of buying your home in Florida? ~ I felt like I learned more this time and got to understand the process more. Last time we bought through a credit union that did most of the work for us and didn’t go into detail (nor did we really ask) but we got to learn and ask a question while growing through this home buying process. I know you rented out the bottom unit. How was meeting the tenant? How are they taking extra safety precautions? For example- Wiping down door handles with Clorox wipes (you can use that if you want). ~ Before showing the downstairs unit I tried to get to know the people before showing to make sure we were a good fit for each other. When showing the unit we initially wore masks. I hired professional cleaners to come deep clean a wipe everything that may have been touched during the process of moving in.